Work Emitz

This was a private wheel, made for Aza, but now I'm gonna release it, cause I feel like doing it.

Enkei RP01

Nope, I'm not dead, not even rusted lel.

Reupload because I had to fix a few shadows, I recommend downloading it again 21/11/2015 21:56 (CET)

2JZ engine and JZ base

Hey guys, I just want you to show and release this engine I modified. What I've done:

-Base from Shift 2's r32 RB26.
-New texture for any of the new parts.
-Scratch made tubes, turbos, alternator, intercooler, the head cover and the pulley system with the belt.

 The rest is taken from Juiced 2 and the radiator from the base model, but I don't remember actually what did I take from J2, maybe the wires and plastic tubes.

I would like to show this as an interactive project, you can participate by telling me bugs in the model, adding parts that would be cool for the engine, so that you can be on the credits, and I'll improve this model for everyone. I'm thinking about doing the 1JZ head cover too, so anything for 1JZ will be welcomed as well.